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Costume Design for Theater & other performances/Wardrobe Styling:

In addition to her degree in Fashion Styling, Hadaf also has a degree in English Literature. Combining her familiarity with various literary works and her fashion experience, she can effectively understand and analyze poems/plots/stories at a deeper level and create compelling characters. She is very interested in character development for movies, theater, and TV shows. Having an International degree in facial balancing supplements her knowledge by allowing her to develop appearance qualities that complete the character. She can make any character come to life!

Product Styling:

Giving products the limelight that they deserve is a passion of hers. With her experience in product styling, she can breathe life into any product (clothes, accessories, beauty products) and create a compelling narrative and story for product advertisements.

Personal Styling:

Hadaf believes that modern beauty is all about enhancing your natural beauty and emphasizing your best features. This inspired her to also obtain a diploma in Facial Balancing at a major beauty institute. Armed with this knowledge, she helps her clients not only balance their clothing and body, but also balance their facial features as well. While finishing up her degree at AAU, she also worked as a personal stylist helping men and women look the way they desire. In her own words: "Although your inner beauty is the real point, you need to be able to communicate your inner self by the first thing that people will inevitably judge you by: your appearance!”

Editorial Styling:

Having produced, directed, and styled several editorial shoots with varying themes, and also having done hair and makeup styling as well, she is ready to pursue more professional challenges. 

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